December 2020 Newsletter

This Newsletter contains information on:

  • Vandalism & Burglaries
  • Cyber Fraud Attacks
  • Property Maintenance & Security

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September 2020 Newsletter

This Newsletter includes information on:

  • Insurance Renewal
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • COVID-19
  • Molestation Cover

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April 2020 Newsletter

  • COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
  • Working from Home - Cyber Protection
  • Property Claims Lodgement Requirements
  • Molestation Cover - Action Required 

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December 2019 Newsletter

  • is your property well maintained?
  • what if somebody is injured on our property?
  • do you have insurance cover if you are part of a combined Christmas event?
  • do you use permission forms?

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October 2019 Newsletter

  • Molestation Cover - do you have the right processes in place?
  • Cyber Insurance - how secure is your system and information?
  • Combined Church Events - are you covered?
  • Risk Assessments - are you protecting your

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April 2019 Newsletter

  • Social Media - does your church have control?
  • Church-run playgroups - is yours as safe as it can be?
  • Claims - the sooner you notify BIS, the quicker we can help.

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December 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

  • 2018-2019 Insurance renewal information

  • Changes to our insurance panel

  • New Travel Insurance

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April 2018 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

  • Insurance renewal 2017-2018

  • Cyber crime - are we safe?

  • Firewalls and Antivirus programs

  • Employment Practices liability

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April 2017 Newsletter

  • Cyber backup - do you do this?

  • Community gardens - does your church have one?

  • Ministry in homes

  • How strong are your passwords?

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December 2016 Newsletter

  • Jumping Castles

  • Volunteers & Youth Personal Accident cover

  • Building maintenance

  • Permission Forms

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August 2016 Newsletter

  • Insurance renewal

  • Child protection training

  • Hazardous chemicals

  • Church working bees

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April 2016 Newsletter

December 2015 Newsletter

August 2015 Newsletter

- Cyber Risk - what is it?
- Risk management & burglaries - can it help?
- School Parental Permission forms
- Insurance renewal information
- Medicare Gap benefits

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April 2015 Newsletter

- Risk Management Guide for Churches coming soon
- Work Health and Safety - a training tool for you to use
- Working from home. What do you need to know?
- a checklist for overseas excursions for schools.

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December 2014 Newsletter

Work, Health & Safety
- is your church compliant?
- is your church a safe place?
- do your leadership team know their responsibilities?

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October 2014 Newsletter

- Christian Management Australia
- Do we have Travel Insurance?
- An update on our Risk Management workshops
- Working with Heights - some important tips

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April 2014 Newsletter

- Change of name and website address
- Do you use contractors?
- Youth activities involving water sports - are you covered?

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August 2011 Newsletter

As you would be aware, there have been a significant number of natural catastrophes this year which has resulted in a large increase in the number of claims lodged with insurers. In an effort to minimise any delays with your claim, please read

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February 2011 Newsletter


The Heart Behind the Service

When you hear the word ‘insurance’, it is likely that your first thoughts jump to money, loss or just more paperwork! For most Australian Baptist Insurance Scheme (ABIS) constituents who just want

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December 2013 Newsletter

- Queensland Conference & Camping Centres win    a Queensland Outdoor Recreation Award
-What's new on the ABIS website?
- Risk Management assistance
- Combined Church events. 

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September 2013 Newsletter

- Information about your insurance renewal
- Maintaining your property in rainy weather
- The importance of Incident Reports
- Risk Management update

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Special Baptist Camping Edition - August 2013

- Risk Management at our camping sites.
- Contractors - who is responsible for what?
- Water Activities - are they safe?

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April 2013 Newsletter

Building valuations - how much should I insure for?
Are all activities/ministries covered?
Copyright - are we protected?

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December 2012 Newsletter

Protocol on Behaviour
Travel Insurance
Playground Safety
Gutter and Roofing Maintenance

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July 2012 Newsletter

Our current insurance policies fall due for renewal on the 30th September 2012. What are you covered for?
What do you need to know about working with volunteers?

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February 2012 Newsletter

Are you covered if you are travelling on authorised Church business? Some more Frequently Asked Questions for you to check out. Risk Management articles.

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