Work, Health & Safety
- is your church compliant?
- is your church a safe place?
- do your leadership team know their responsibilities?

- Christian Management Australia
- Do we have Travel Insurance?
- An update on our Risk Management workshops
- Working with Heights - some important tips

- Change of name and website address
- Do you use contractors?
- Youth activities involving water sports - are you covered?

- Queensland Conference & Camping Centres win    a Queensland Outdoor Recreation Award
-What's new on the ABIS website?
- Risk Management assistance
- Combined Church events. 

- Information about your insurance renewal
- Maintaining your property in rainy weather
- The importance of Incident Reports
- Risk Management update

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- Risk Management at our camping sites.
- Contractors - who is responsible for what?
- Water Activities - are they safe?

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Building valuations - how much should I insure for?
Are all activities/ministries covered?
Copyright - are we protected?

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Protocol on Behaviour
Travel Insurance
Playground Safety
Gutter and Roofing Maintenance

Our current insurance policies fall due for renewal on the 30th September 2012. What are you covered for?
What do you need to know about working with volunteers?

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Are you covered if you are travelling on authorised Church business? Some more Frequently Asked Questions for you to check out. Risk Management articles.