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December 2018 Newsletter

- Is your property secure?
- New requirements from our Insurer regarding Molestation cover
- Jumping Castles - do you have one?
- Avoiding hurt in the workplace

September 2018 Newsletter

- 2018-2019 Insurance renewal information
- Changes to our insurance panel
- New Travel Insurance

April 2018 Newsletter

- Incident Reports
  When should I complete one?
- Vandalism & Burglaries
   is my property well secured?
- Exiting Employees
  Have we complied with legislative requirements?

December 2017 Newsletter

Host Families of International Students - are they covered?
Mandatory Data Breach Reporting - do you know your legal requirements?
Slips, Trips and Falls - is our property safe?
Incident Reporting - when and why?

September 2017 Newsletter

- Insurance renewal 2017-2018
- Cyber crime - are we safe?
- Firewalls and Antivirus programs
- Employment Practices liability

April 2017 Newsletter

- Cyber backup - do you do this?
- Community gardens - does your church have one?
- Ministry in homes
- How strong are your passwords?