Risk Management - For Churches

Bush and Grass Fire Preparedness
Are you ready if a fire approaches?

Car Parks
Is your church car park safe?

Cash - Security
How do you protect your offering?

Church Sponsored Public Events
How do you run your public events?

Churches Child Activity Risk Assessment Guidelines
How to use the Risk Assessment Template

Churches Child Activity Risk Assessment Template
Risk assessment template witrh some partially completed examples

Churches First Aid
Are your first aid practices up to scratch?

Churches Risk Management
Does your church have good Risk Management processes in place?

Churches Activity Risk Assessment Tool
Have you considered the risks associated with the activity you are planning?

Churches Risk Register Tool
Do you know what risks your church is exposed to?

Church Cafes
Are you running or considering running a church cafe? Have you considered the risks?

Community Gardens
​Does your church operate a community garden?

Community Meals
Are you providing meals to the community? If you are, have you considered the risks involved to both your organisation and volunteers?

Cyber Risk - Backup
Are your records and information safe?

Cyber Risk - Data Breach
Is your data safe? If not, what do you need to do?

Cyber Risk - Password
How strong are your passwords?

Emergency Planning
Emergency management planning document.

Employing Staff
What checks do you carry out when you employ staff?

Incident Reporting
When should I report an incident and how?

Mens Sheds
Does your church run a Mens Shed?

Mission Trips
Do you have people going overseas on Missions trips?

Opportunity Shops
Does your church run an Opportunity Shop?

Permission Forms
Whose permission do you have if something goes wrong?

Does your church have a playgroup?

Slips, Trips and Falls
How safe is your church?

Social Media
What Social Media does your church use to spread your message?

Sunday School Kid's Church
Are your kids safe at church?

Terrorism Preparedness
How does your church protect crowded places?

Volunteer Workers
Are your volunteers protected?

Working From Home
Do any of your staff work from home?

Worship Services
Is your church as safe as it could be?

Youth Activities
Are you sure that the activities you are planning for your youth are safe? Here are some points to consider when planning a youth activity.

Water Skiing
Do you have water skiing trips for youth or others?

Working Bees
What you need to know about holding a working bee at your church.