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Commenced in 1984 initially in Victoria and then progressively to all other states and territories.

Risk Management

For churches, schools, colleges, Baptist camping and other general purposes.

Work Health & Safety

All Baptist churches are subject to the requirements of state based Work Health & Safety legislation.

Claims Information

Provide assistance in procedures to be followed in the event of any incident that might give rise to a claim.

Download Documents

Various forms are available from our download documents page including Applications, Claim forms and Summary of Insurance.

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Click here for address, phone and email contact information for our offices throughout Australia in all states and territories.


  Baptist Insurance Services

Welcome to Baptist Insurance

Baptist Insurance Services, formerly known as Australian Baptist Insurance Scheme, is a ministry of the Baptist Union of Australia and operates as a “delegated body” of the National Council. It commenced in 1984 initially in Victoria and then progressively to all other states and territories. It is now a national insurance scheme insuring property and other assets in excess of $3.4 billion and on behalf of over 1200 constituents. 

Drawing on the experience of the BIS Board and staff and the tremendous support of our Insurance partners, we are able to ensure that the insurance policies we use are very broad in the cover provided, yet remain extremely competitive price wise.

More information 

Here are some POPULAR documents to download.

ISR (Property) Claim Form

Advanced property insurance claims form, click here to download. 

Incident report form

Detailed accident or incident report form including time and date of incident, factors pertinent to the incident and PPE checked and found suitable.

Voluntary pa claim form

Claim report form for disability as a reulst of an accident or sickness.

Student PA claim form

Detailed school student accident report claim form to be completed by the student or guardian.

To protect the Baptist Church in Australia and its constituents by arranging a program of comprehensive insurance policies in the most cost effective manner.

TO enable the Baptist Union of Australia and its constituents in their ministries by developing and providing a comprehensive range of insurance and risk management programs.